Ferran Fages : feedback mixing board, pick-ups
Alfredo Costa Monteiro : objects on electric guitar

Electro-acoustic duo of improvised music, formed in 2000. Moving from not-real-silence to noise. Someone said somewhere that they are the punk-rock version of the Rowe-Nakamura duo.
The truth is that it's a direct, raw and physical approach to sound.

...This music leaves a mark, even in those almost silent moments where you're not at ease anyway because you KNOW something's lurking around the corner...
Cremaster are the current leaders in the "Audiometrics" field... and otorhinolaryngologists be damned"
Massimo Ricci

alt :
extract from noranta graus a l'esquerra | monotype records

cremaster at audiograft 2012

oompfsquawk | auto-edition, 2001
flysch | g3g records, 2002
infra | antifrost, 2003
-/-hz in void (compilation) | antifrost, 2003
34.41 n/m2 | absurd, 2003
23 november 2002 | sound 323, 2003
noranta graus a l'esquerra | monotype records, 2009
ígneo cathnor recordings, 2011
live at audiograft | consumer waste 2012 - cd