Ferran Fages: acoustic turntable
Ruth Barberán: trumpet, amplified objects
Alfredo Costa Monteiro: accordion

This trio is composed by some of the most active musicians in improvised music in Spain. Formed in 2003, its members share an intense experience together since 1998.

The music is strictly improvised. The approach of each instrument is made through an atypical use of the instrument itself, but also through extensions which are not especially musical.
There is indeed an apparently contemplative tendency in this music, but the sudden structural changes and frequent cuts also create moments of high tension that take the music out of this state of contemplation and bring it to where sound exists in its own abrupt and immediate presence.

…There’s something afoot on the Iberian Peninsula and it sounds damn good…
Dan Warburton

photo by enric coromina

Weifur (extract) from atolón | rossbin, 2004

atolón | rossbin, 2004
istmo | creative sources, 2005
semisferi | esquilo, 2006
concret | intonema, 2013