i treni inerti

Ruth Barberán: trumpet
Alfredo Costa Monteiro: accordion

Group of improvised music formed in 2001 in Barcelona by Ruth Barberán, Alfredo Costa Monteiro and Matt Davis. In 2003, it became a duo.
I treni inerti proposes a music whithout ornaments, where silence is essential, as part of an ongoing process of bringing vacuum necessary in order to achieve both minimal and ephemeral sound worlds, in an approach that focuses on harmony, vibration and acoustic resonance.
It is a continuous shift between what is audible and undetectable, what is private and what is shared, what is static and changing, silence and presence.

…The couple is venomous - but this music is delicious…
Massimo Ricci

Vídeo by Enric Coromina, live at Can Felipa, 2008

ura | creative sources, 2003
aérea | creative sources, 2004
luz azul | flexion records, 2012