300 basses

Jonas Kocher: accordion
Luca Venitucci: accordion
Alfredo Costa Monteiro : accordion

300 basses is a rustle, a whirr, a background noise arising from our perception, a sound whose source is no longer that instrument, nearly 5000 years old in its most primitive form, but the same instrument recomposed, revisited in configurations that move it away from what it is today: a box with bellows and buttons. The box was for the resonance, the bellows for vibration and the buttons for building a sonic identity that has remained virtually frozen for centuries.
But what would happen if the buttons began to vibrate, the bellows would resonate and the box should start to deconstruct this identity?
300 basses is one example among many others of how music surrenders to sound, beyond commands and expectations, to finally fit into a space where nothing that should be really is and where nothing that should sound really sounds.

alt : http://www.costamonteiro.net/files/atoma-dio.mp3

atoma dio (excerpt) from tria atoma, cd moving furniture records, 2015


Excerpt from a concert at labor sonor, berlin, december 2012.

sei ritornelli | potlatch 2012 - cd