luis macias, adriana vila | alfredo costa monteiro

Adriana Vila Guevara: 16mm projectors
Luís Macias: 16 mm projectors

Alfredo Costa Monteiro: electro-acoustics


3quinox is a performance that deals deeply with perception, through loop film flickering images or incandescent light, produced by 16mm projectors; abrasive sound and white noise, produced by home made electronics oscillators, modified radios and acousmatic sounds.

In 3quinox improvisation is essential through the collision of both senses: the eye and the ear submitted to vibration that creates an oniric and hypnotic space. Intense flickering light and sonic vibration generates phantom images and sounds; what is seen seems no longer stable and what is heard seems to come from our inner ear.

3quinox reveals its dramaturgy through experience, according to the comprehension of space that returns those vibrations mixed into air and light waves.

Close to some structural films due to its global narrative, but with the projection being expanded, 3quinox draws a strong link between structural cinema and musique concrète.

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excerpt from a live performance at antic teatre, barcelona, april 2013