olive | costa monteiro

Tim Olive: prepared guitar
Alfredo Costa Monteiro : electro-acoustic devices

This recent duo began with a long-distance collaboration between Barcelona and Osaka;
the first live performances took place in October 2009 in Japan, followed by an Iberia tour in October 2010, with further performances planned.
The duo produces a rough, feral music with moments of surprising calm and beauty, using basic technology to blast into outer realms, dark atmospheres of varying density and great textural variety. Sharp cuts and gradual transformations carry the listener from seemingly chaotic noise to ordered spaces, pierced by shafts of light.

alt : http://www.costamonteiro.net/files/tim-alf-track-web.mp3
extract from 33 bays | 845 audio

a theory of possible utterance | zeromoon , 2011
33 bays | 845 audio, 2012