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music for rubberbands

Somebody said somewhere :

...John Cage comes to mind - minimal and created with just rubberbands, this release makes for fun listening...

Extract from Rubber Music | hazard records, 1999

rubber music | hazard records, 1998

music for recorded sounds

…everything here, the "anatomy" that makes up the whole, is unmodified domestic sounds…
Catherine C.

…One guesses various electronic effluvia were captured — the hums of household devices — but that swiftly becomes of no concern as the listener is engulfed by the swarm…
Brian Olewnick

…A sort of much more intellectual noise, whilst also taking the piss out of the field recording posse…
Frans de Waard

Extract from Anatomy of inner place | monotype records, 2007

anatomy of inner place | monotype records, 2007

music for computer

…Deep bass, sudden changes, high pitched sounds - nothing here that sounds like a voice. Although divided in larger blocks of sound, the rapid changes that happen every now and then…
Frans de Waard

… Roaring industrial storms explode intermittently and then just as abruptly vanish seconds later, as if gathering energy for the next assault…

alt :
Extract from Épicycle | etude records, 2008

Épicycle | etude records, 2008

music for resonant objects

...a large cymbal and resonating/vibrating objects placed to produce an astounding range of tones, overtones and various combinations...
Clifford Allen

... Underlying everything is a persistent low frequency drone—at times reminiscent of a didgeridoo—that provides a solid foundation on which to build, as well as setting the nerves jangling...
John Eyles

alt :
Extract from centre of mass | another timbre, 2008

centre of mass | another timbre, 2008

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