Pilar Subirà: percussion
Alfredo Costa Monteiro: resonant table

Duo formed in Barcelona, 2009.

Resonance is one of the elements that give meaning to the music of Tellus. With a strongly percussive focus, an economy of means and a thorough-going frugality, both musicians use resonance as the thread that links each musical stroke, stretching out time and allowing the sounds to decay into whispers which invite introspection. The other structural axis of Tellus is that of amplification, functioning as a sound-lens which heightens our awareness of the subtler frequencies. Thanks to this lens we start to discover that sounds generated with objets trouvés and those emanating from musical instruments are complementary and, indeed, imitate each other.

Without abusing any systematic doctrine, shapes emerge, only to return to silence – a silence often pregnant, but whose very expectancy dissolves all haste.

plom-a, extract barcelona, 2010